Wednesday, March 21, 2018


WOW! It's been forever since I last posted.. Mainly because my life has been crazy..  We have moved more then a few times, had a few more kiddos and been thrown some curveballs along the way :).

I started the blog when we were up in Michigan and anticipating the birth of our first child.Crazy to think that my little soon to be baby will be 5 years old tomorrow!! Time flies, and goes by so past especially when I have been busy the past five years trying to raise these little humans, not lose sight of my husband, and trying to stairstep my way to a corner office in Corporate America.

I have learned a lot over the past five years the main point being that although I want to control EVERYTHING there is a higher power in charge and I should give my glory to God in all that he throws my way.  The past month a curve ball was thrown that I would have never anticipated but with that curveball comes time to reflect, renew, and regroup on the priorities of my life. I have spent the past few weeks soaking up every minute with my kiddos, enjoying dialogue and quality time with my husband, and spending time on my faith.      

Greg purchased this devotional for me awhile back but in the midst of life's craziness it got put in the normal stack of books on the nightstand. As I was spending time "organizing" I found the devotional and in this devotional was a parenting sermon that I had gotten off the internet from Brad McCoy. It's amazing sometimes how God leads us to where he wants us to be and wants us to see at the right time. The devotional is "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp and its about finding everyday graces. I'm on day 4 and loving it thus far.  The Brad McCoy sermon is one of my favorite ones, not only does it speak to the parenting aspect but also speaks to Colt putting his trust in God when things didn't go his way. Something that I desperately needed to read as I reflect on my 3 babies getting older and wanting them to grow up to be good Christian people but also reflecting on the trust we have to put in God.

Life is constantly changing and with 3 little ones under 5 we are moving 100 mph everyday all day long :).I'm excited to start my passion for blogging again and hope you come along the journey with me.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wednesday Wants-Jumpsuit Edition. GASP!

Yep, I said it, I'm crazy about the Jumpsuit! I remember in third grade, I had this beautiful teacher named Mrs. Ford. She wore jumpsuits on a regular basis, and I remember thinking back then how I wanted a red jumpsuit like hers :). Although, I think I will stick to just black for now :). 

But in case you were wondering, the jumpsuit is BACK and all over the place for Spring 14.I may even go as far to say that I think the jumpsuit could possibly be the next maxi. The nice thing about the jumpsuit is it is like the dress in that it's one complete outfit :). The jumpsuit is a great day to dinner addition to your wardrobe. I was browsing on Shopbop looking for one and they have so many great styles at great price points. Since this is just an emerging trend, I personally don't want to spend a whole lot of $$ on one.  

Here are a few that I like:

Young Fabulous & Broke Howell Jumpsuit

This one is a little more than I want to spend, but not crazy at $211. I love that this is casual but with the right jewelry could easily be worn on a date night or a GNO!

Amalfi $125 Jumpsuit

Love this one as well,  and I think with the surplice neckline and self belt, this one would be super flattering. The other great thing is it is only $125!!! 

Young Fabulous & Broke Lisle Jumpsuit

I love that this one is a wide leg trouser and has the cowl neck. I think this one is the dressiest of the three. 

My splurge selection on the jumpsuits is this Halter Haute Hippie one. I love that it is a halter with an open back. This one is definitely a winner for date night. However, I'm pretty sure Greg would not be happy if he saw the price tag on this one. 

Haute Hippie Halter Jumpsuit

This week is always so crazy. I feel like by the end of the week I will have averaged at least 1 stop at the grocery store per day.  When I'm not at the grocery store, cleaning, playing with bear, then I'm scoping out all the black Friday sales. Do you go out? My mom and I plan to hit up JCP of course on Thur night, since we open at 8 :). There are some great door busters! We will also hit up all the other big guns that night.  I really enjoy going out on Friday am or what is now Thur night, mostly to watch the other people act like crazies and to see what our competitors are offering. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please take some time to truly reflect on how thankful you are!



Sunday, November 24, 2013

What day is it? What is our address?? Where am I?

Oh my gosh, how is it already near the end of November??? This month has FLOWN by. I feel like I'm caught up in a crazy Tornado. We have been going non stop since we moved into the house on November 8th. I know lots of you have been begging for pictures, so this blog post will be one of many to have house pics and me asking for decor advice

We moved in on November 8th, and surpisngly got everything unpacked, and boxes removed. However, we still have all of our pictures to hang and some items to purchase etc. I received some very sad news on Friday, November 8th the day we moved into our new home. I received a phone call that my grandmother, had suddenly passed away. The ironic thing was 3 years ago when we moved from the M streets to Frisco, my grandfather passed away. I suppose my grandparents want me to stay in one spot :)!. I loved my grandmother dearly, and I'm sad she never got to meet Bear in person. However, I'm very excited she is up in heaven with my grandfather and watching out for us every minute of the day. I was sad that my mom's sisters and cousins had to meet Bear under bad circumstances but knew my grandparents were smiling down as all of their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren got to spend some quality time together. 

Now, onto the house! So we are loving our new home. Greg has already repainted our dining room, as it was a crazy bright orange. The prior owners used the dining room as their play room, which I did not want to do. We painted the dining room in the Benjamin Moore color Revere Pewter. It's a very light grey, and I love how it compliments our dark brown table. 

The one hard part about this home is the very open family room. The prior owners left a nice cushy rug thing. I don't know how to describe it, but the first floor of the home is composed of wood floors and stained concrete. They purchased the cushy rug thing for the family room as they had a little boy, and it was easy for him to walk and crawl on it. They left the cushy rug thing for us, and although it's not the most decorative accent, it is very useful for Bear, so I'm leaving it :)! We have talked about condensing the squares, so it's just on one side of the room. I'm going to try and decorate the space in two rooms. You can see from the pics below we have the couch and tv on one side and then a little sitting nook and the wet bar on the other side. We have just purchased a new coffee table from RH which will hopefully be here in time for the holidays. We need a nice little coffee table to go between the two chairs. Here are a few pics:

**please ignore the stroller, boxes, and please note we have nothing on the walls yet, so the home looks  very bare!**

So like I said it's a large space, so just trying to section it off into two different rooms. Greg and I purchased these chairs a few  years ago, and never really had a place for them, so I'm happy to finally put them in our family room. Although, my mom was just over here yesterday and stated that they should go into our master bedroom :)! I feel like I need a decorator to come over and just tell me what room to put our furniture in. Our next room to feature will be our master bedroom. Bear's room is a work in progress as we purchased furniture for a different room, and now it doesn't all fit, EEK! His room also has wall accents of bright orange that needs to be painted :)!

On another note, our little man started crawling at 7months, so we are on bear patrol 24/7 :)!. He just turned 8 months on Friday, it's crazy how fast time flies!  We have started planning the big 1st bday, as we know it will be March before we know it. 

I love this time as year, as the weather changes and we get to spend time with our family and friends and have time to reflect of all that we should be thankful for. I am so thankful for these two :)!

I have been slacking on my blogging, but promise to blog at least once a week from here on out. 


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Front Door Decor

We are officially in the final countdown until we move into our home!! November 4th will be here very soon, and we can't wait!!! My mom has been so generous to let us stay here, and has been so helpful with Bear. I told her when we move out, she still has to come down and stay the night at least one day at week :)! I have been searching for a wreath for our front door which translates to; I've been a pinning machine and Etsy stalker. I found some I love at Horchow and Williams Sonoma but I'm thinking I should try to keep this wreath under $100.

I love Monograms, but then again what Southern girl doesn't love a good monogram. I love the simple letter monograms. Greg likes the single letter that is covered in yarn. Here is my problem, some of these Etsy wreaths look too homemade, that makes me not want to purchase them. I am debating, if I should try to make my own wreath, but have decided I would rather spend my time doing other things :). So, here are a few wreaths I'm thinking about:

I love this one, probably because I love polka dots and chevron. It's neutral which is perfect since our house is white. My only thing is, does it look too girly?
 I liked this one as well. You can customize your colors, which I love. I'm a sucker for green and navy. Those colors would be perfect against our white house, and fitting since they were our wedding colors as well :).

I love this one, it's simple and still charming. I just wonder if it's big enough? But I like the idea of just a simple chevron letter.

I like simplicity as well. I love boxwoods and have seen some wreaths in the shape of the square or rectangle with a letter in between. This would could be perfect against the white house and is simple and clean.

I love this Christsmas wreath,  but also thought this could be a good idea for an everyday wreath. I could put a chalkboard in the middle of an everyday wreath and either have our last name on the Chalkboard or change it based on the season or event.

I am on a hunt for the perfect wreath, because it sets the tone of the house in my opinion. I mean the wreath is the first thing they see before they enter your home. I think the wreath should be an extension of the decor inside the house. I know I'm probably spending too much time shopping for wreaths when there is cable to be set up, and painters to be scheduled. But, wreath hunting is more fun and you don't have to talk to anyone. If you have any good spots for wreaths please share.

Have a good week!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm Alive!!!

Do you ever have those weeks, where you feel like Jessie Spano in Saved By the Bell? You know the scene she is in her room having a breakdown, and saying, "There is never anytime." I've had a crazy last couple of weeks, hence no blogging!!! I don't care if you are SAHM or a working mom each job has their own set of challenges. 

We had a great weekend, my dad was in town so we spent the weekend hanging out with him. I love seeing my nephew and Bear interact. Coop is so in love with Bear, it's so cute!!

We only have a couple of weeks until we are in out house and we are soo ready!!! Get ready for some home posts :)! Bear is growing up so fast and gets more and more fun each day. My favorite time is in the am when he wakes up and I walk into his room and say, "Good Morning" and he gives you the biggest smile:). It melts my heart every time.

Here are a few pics of our lil man:

Picture day at school. Love this Rugby from Janie and Jack it has elbow patches which I'm a total sucker for :).

Wearing his Tiger gear to help cheer on his Daddy's favorite baseball team.

Bear has started to eat puffs, it's hilarious. He usually has more puffs on his chin than in his mouth:)! 

Not sure if you have heard of Peek Kids, but I'm obsessed with them! They are sold at Nordstrom and have their own stores. If you haven't shopped them before check them out at

They are like an Anthropologie for little guys. Their boys stuff is so cute, which finding cute boys stuff can be challenging. I love that we have cooler weather here now. Bear's daddy loves jackets and has bought Bear quite a few jackets :)!!!

Hope everyone is having a good week! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

My new favorite LBD

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks between my traveling, Greg's traveling, Bear getting sick and turning 6 months we have been going non stop. 

I meant to post about my new LBD discovery weeks ago, but I just kept forgetting :(. I was going to NY for work and knew I needed a good LBD (little black dress for those of you who don't know :)) . I needed one that can be comfortable walking all over Manhattan in and be suitable for a nicer dinner that evening.

My mom and I found my new favorite dress at Neimans. I have a few go to dress designers that always fit me well and Theory is at the top of my list in pretty much any category not just dresses. We found this adorable fit and flare with a great flounce skirt sitting on the rack. It is ponte so a perfect fabric to wear any season. Theory typically runs small in my opinion but I actually sized down in this dress. Here are a few pics of the dress: 

Here it is just by itself. I paired it with some flat TB camo flats, which I apparently forgot to take a picture of :(. I also added a cute black jacket from H&M with it during the day:

The dress was perfect it was super comfortable, didn't wrinkle, and the perfect combination if flirty and sophisticated! It's a dress that you can easily wear day to night!!!

On another note Bear turned 6 months this past week and he had a heck of a week. He was ill, had a rash, and has his two bottom teeth coming in! Here is a cute pic of our little man :

Oh and as you can see from the picture he is up on all fours!!! Just scooting backwards for now...He is just growing up soo fast! 

I loved the verse in my daily devotional tonight, so I wanted to share it:

Praise be to The Lord,to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. Psalm 68:19

Have a good week!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Casa de Kirian

It's official we are homeowners again in Dallas!!! We are so excited to be back in the neighborhood where we first met almost 7 years ago! We are thrilled to be in the M streets although the commute isn't as easy as it was in the burbs we are excited to be closer to our family and friends in addition to being able to walk places!!! Although we closed on our house today we don't get to move in until the first week in November! We have started our countdown to move in. We are so grateful that we are able to stay with my mom until we can move in. Hayes got to see the house on Saturday and really liked his future room! After lots of moves in the past year we are excited to get settled!

Watch out Pinterest here I come... Can't wait to decorate our new home! Here is a picture of our new casa:

Happy Monday!